Older Persons Visit

On 20th December 2017, the Chairman of Health Nest Uganda Retired Bishop Samuel Balagadde Ssekkadde took time off from his busy schedule to visit some of Older Persons in Nkumba and Nakawuka. On his visit, he was accompanied by the Director of Health Nest Uganda Namara Arthur Araali and the Programs Coordinator Asiimwe Sylvia Tinka. In Nkumba the team visited Counsellor Imalingati who was supported by HENU with a toilet seat. Mr Imalingati showed the team the pit latrine he was using and shared the difficulties he was passing through to use it.
The team further visited Mr and Mrs Kasiga who were also going through the same pain of using a pit latrine. HENU donated a toilet seat too.
In a typical African way, in Nakawuka, the HENU team and our host the Older persons, used a tree as our Social Centre where we sat under a free atmosphere (human and transhuman sphere) and discussed the well-being of older persons in that community. Below is he activity in picture


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