International Day for Older Persons

Every year, on 1st October, HENU organizes the International Day for Older Persons in Entebbe where over 500 older persons and leaders attend annually. It recognizes and affirms the contributions of older persons, and provides a platform to raise awareness, examine issues, and invite dialogue and action on promoting well-being among older persons. The event is also normally directed to encouraging the development of policies that integrate older persons in all aspects of national life. We organize a series of activities to precede the celebrations including Home Visits, honorary Foot Ball and Net ball matches between older persons and community members and finally exhibition of older persons’ works.


What have we achieved?

  • Mobilization of leaders to understand appreciate and address issues of older persons
  • Build an intergenerational approach to the management of issues of older persons and in turn building an understanding and appreciation for what older persons experience.
  • Ensure that we all understand and appreciate that we are all getting older by the day, and it is time to plan for that time. This is not only a personal venture but it should also be a policy strong point. This has been achieved through the acknowledgement of the need for policy adjustments by the Government of Uganda and various networks addressing issues of older persons.