Age Demands Action (ADA) is a global platform that supports older people across 60 countries to challenge age discrimination and to take action for their rights. Age Demands Action (ADA) is a grassroots campaign to fight age discrimination. Campaign activities take place throughout the year, but 1 October is UN International Day of Older People and a key date for the campaign. On this day, activists of all ages across the world march and lobby their governments on issues affecting older people such as pensions, healthcare and housing.

On 1st October, the UN International Day of Older People, delegations of older people unite around the world and push for better treatment from their governments. This day is organised by the HelpAge global network and so its partners work with older people’s groups who have first-hand experience of what needs to change. Meetings with decision makers are organised and during these meetings the real voice of older people is being heard.

During this project, partner organizations plan activities on how to participate during the 1 October Age Demands Action Day. Awareness raising events can be marches, rallies, exhibitions or the use of one symbol during this day (similar to the Aids ribbon used all over the world on World Aids Day). It is intended to show to the rest of society that older people are still here and must have equal rights in society.