Funding for Non C0mmunicable Diseases like hypertension and diabetes (NCDs)  and Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in Uganda is grossly inadequate, and most health facilities lack minimum standards for NCD intervention.  Since these conditions are more prevalent among older persons, majority of whom are poor and cannot afford to access care elsewhere, HENU has embarked on piloting a more cost-effective and sustainable way of screening older persons for hypertension. This model, involves training community volunteers and retired nurses on how to use digital Blood Pressure (BP) machines to screen older persons for hypertension. On top of screening for hypertension, awareness and health education is provided to the families, care takers and communities. Through lobbying and advocacy, we have brought four (4) Health Centres on board to receive our referrals from the community. These include one health centre II, two health centre III and one hospital.  We screen and educate older persons from their weekly group meetings.

Interacting with older persons, learning from them and advocating for them is our hobby