Health Camps

Accessing health care is challenging for older persons, but potentially even more so for the socially isolated, displaced and unwell older persons who have to do so alone and without the support. Health Nest Uganda with the support from local partners organizes one health camp annually where older persons and other vulnerable groups access free medical services. We invite orthopedic surgeons, dentists, physicians, ENT specialists, eye specialists, counselors, general practitioners and pharmaceutical companies to support older persons.

As a result of our health camps, a number of older persons have realized the causes of their ill health and received care and support. Many people have also learnt their HIV status and learnt to live positively and access to treatment. An example of our encounters in the course of our work sound like this

“all along I did not know that I had diabetes, thank you for this camp, I now know what has been the causing of my ill health and I know what to do and where to go to get help”.

HENU had a two days activities successfully implemented – Health Camp on 2nd October 2014 where we treated 212 older persons and celebrations for the International Day for Older Persons on 3rd October 2014 where over 500 people – old and young attended.

Special gratitude to HENU volunteers who worked tirelessly day and night to make these activities a success. Our special thanks to UPDF Special Forces Command, Entebbe Hospital, TASO Entebbe, St. Marys Clinic Entebbe and Mulago Hospital Orthopedic Department who provided health workers and drugs to treat the older persons.

St. Mark Church, Entebbe, has supported these projects continued space for the treatment, we are grateful. All friends who gave us financial and material support we are humbled.