Strategic Priority 4

Resource Mobilization and Accountability

HENU will requires adequate, timely and reliable funding in order to implement the HSP 2017 – 2019. The quantity, timing and flow of funds have the potential to influence availability of all other inputs required to implement the Strategic Plan. HENU is currently undertaking a massive fundraising effort for funds to carry out its various activities  so as to carry out and accomplish our desired objectives. In the course of resource mobilization we look to enhance both local and international resources as well as lobby for funding to sustain and to support HENU activities.

HENU has a rigorous accountability structure that provides for checks and balances at all levels of access to resources, implementation of activities and finally ensuring that resources are appropriately accounted for. We ensure regular audit of all our activities, units, systems, procedures, and production of timely fund accountability reports.

Objectives How
Mobilize a minimum of 95% of the financial and material resources required annually to implement HSP Develop comprehensive Fundraising/Resource mobilization plan

Develop timely Annual Work Plans and Budgets

Source for donors to partner with in implementing HSP

Lobby Central Government to support HSP Budget

Mobilize private sector, local communities and Volunteers for resources

Encourage members to become HENU subscriber members

Conduct local Fundraising

Partner with other Organizations to implement some of the activities.


Strategic Priority 5

Promote Advocacy & Partnership in Service Development and Delivery

At HENU collaboration and networking is real, and not just a passing fashion. We have learnt valuable lessons about partnering and what it really means to be dedicated to its full implementation.  We recognize the importance of partnerships by sharing resources and strengths as well as learning from each other. We encourage partnerships in the form of pro bono and volunteer associations to build our approach of CLCP and a sustainable way of life in our communities. Connecting to new people and networking with current contacts has culminated in significant achievements in our training and work services, and we look forward to building new networks.

HENU is committed to the promotion of advocacy and partnership principles in all aspects of its service development and delivery through the implementation of the following strategic objectives.

Objectives How
To establish a collaboration with  organizations with similar objectives By signing memorandum of understanding with willing Organizations.

Participation in activities organized by partner organizations.

Inviting partner organizations to participate in relevant HENU activities

Working together with local authorities in implementation of community activities

To enable community/staff partnership and promote participation at all levels within HENU Define partnership and agree the roles and responsibilities of all members of the team

Review opportunities for partnership at all levels of the organization

Implement a phased introduction of the agreed partnership model to ensure that team members understand and appreciate the importance of networking and partnerships