Strategic Priority 1

Support the elderly, their carers and OVCs under their Care

Of the estimated 40 million people living with HIV world wide, the vast majority are adults in their prime working years. As this middle generation dies of AIDS, a generation of young children and a generation of elderly aged 50 and older are left behind [UNAIDS & WHO 2006, Unicef 2015; WHO 2014) ]. The older persons have, not only, lost the support of their adult children, but they must increasingly take on additional familial responsibilities and this potentially has adverse effects for their own well-being. Most older persons are also assuming the role of care takers for their grand children and other orphaned children. Older persons care for more than 500,000 of the over 2.1 million orphaned children in Uganda.

HENU is committed to promoting advocacy and support to the elderly, their carers and OVCs under their care. HENU is guided by the following strategic objectives and by the use of the Community Life Competence Model (CLCP)

Objectives How
To encourage formation of elderly care system in the community using community life competence


Help the community Identify problems of the older persons together with community members

Training care givers in care giving skills

Formation of community based older persons care teams/groups

To promote elderly social interaction through fellowships


Organizing Quarterly meetings/fellowships for the older persons

Observe International Day for Older Persons

To build capacities of the elderly for self reliance


Training  elderly in appropriate income generating activity skills. Most especially working with their skills to create a sustainable income.
To support vulnerable orphans under the care of elderly


Identifying the most vulnerable orphans under the care of elderly including those infected by HIV

Supporting the identified orphans/grand children with school fees and other scholastic materials

To mitigate the effect of HIV/AIDS on the elderly, the children and youth Sensitizing the elderly and those around them on HIV prevention & management

Voluntary HIV Counselling and testing

To Link the elderly, children and the youth to other health service providers


Supporting the Community care teams with information regarding specialized services on elderly, children and youth.